You Should Never Remove Your Laces: The Real Deal on Laceless Boots and The Importance of Laces in Boots

You Should Never Remove Your Laces: The Real Deal on Laceless Boots and The Importance of Laces in Boots

Laceless boots are cool once again. It may seem to be all the rage this year but they’ve actually been around the market since 2006. Most people think that laceless boots were introduced by Nike and adidas but it was actually Lotto, an Italian boot company that introduced laceless boots to the world with their Lotto Zhero Gravity. 

Lotto’s Laceless Innovation 

Lotto went all in when they introduced Zhero Gravity in the market. However, it did not fare well. They did not have the right marketing power to make laceless boots look cool. People who owned one even complained that it was very hard to put on. But lo, adidas changed the game 10 years after when it introduced laceless boots, the adidas way.

Adidas Went Laceless

adidas made laceless boots look cool when it introduced ACE16+ in the market. With Paul Pogba and Mesut Ozil as faces of the campaign, everyone ended up wanting one for themselves. The marketing campaigns made it seem like laceless boots allow for astonishing tricks and out-of-this-world accuracy because laces no longer hinder the design of the shoes. Everyone was so convinced and went all-in with laceless boots. 

Adidas Laceless Boots

Today, adidas chose its laceless boots as its top weapon of choice against Nike’s sock boot. All adidas boots have laceless versions that are sold at higher prices. But is there really something about the laces?

Laces are Important

Laceless boots are not better than laced boots. Never believe anyone who tells you otherwise. If someone is ever passionate about arguing that laceless boots are better than laced boots, it’s only either because they are paid marketers or just simply don’t know what they’re talking about. Laceless boots completely have no advantage against laced boots. If anything, the only advantage is that they look way cooler. The claims to better performance dynamics are all marketing stunt. No science has yet proven that laceless boots allow for more accurate and precise movement. But if you’re the kind of person that truly believes that, then purchase one by all means because there’s such a thing as the placebo effect and it works. If having one would give you more confidence and feel cooler, then it’s probably the best pair of football boots for you. 

For all the rage that laceless boots created, there are actually solid disadvantages to wearing one. 

1. No proper fit – laces help in customizing your fit. If you’re wearing boots that have none, how are you going to do that? Bad-fitting boots can cause blisters and even injuries. You will be more prone to injuries because bad-fitting boots lead to slipping and awkward foot planting.

2. No lockdown power – laceless boots have limited to no lockdown power. As it has no laces so no mechanism is in place to securely lock your feet in your boots. If you can’t have a proper lockdown, you can’t have good gameplay. It’s that simple.

3. Pricey – laceless boots are priced higher because adidas wants to create a premium market for it. However, it truly does not have any advantage at all if be compared to laced boots. It is still ultimately best to spend your money on laced boots. 

Never Remove Your Laces

There is currently a dangerous trend of going laceless among players with laced boots. Players now tend to remove the laces in their boots to look cooler. It’s an easy hack to get the “laceless look”. It’s also an express highway to the emergency room.

Players should never remove the laces in their laced boots because laced boots do not have the mechanism and design to survive football games without the placement and support of laces. Players that remove their laces will be prone to injuries as poor lockdown invites slippages. Removing the laces from laced boots would also damagingly stretch your boot’s upper. Players should not, in any way or form, remove the laces of their laced boots. The “laceless” look is not worth the trip to the hospital. 

Sadly, professional players are setting quite a bad example. Marco Reus and Antoine Greizmann have been seen wearing laced boots without laces. It is pretty weird as it’s a totally wild take of the product that they endorse, Puma Future. Puma Future’s marketing campaign is focused on providing boots that can be laced in numerous fashion and ways that feel comfortable to players. The way though, that the two opted for, is going laceless. Going laceless on their laced boots does not affect their game at all because all their boots are highly customized and fit their foot to a T. If your laced boots were not highly customized for you and no shoe experts took your size and developed boots dedicated for your use alone, you should not go for the laceless look. Just buy a laceless boot to avoid all the hassles!


Laceless boots really look cool. There should be no ounce of hate that should go towards its design and all that it stands for. However, one should always be informed enough. In purchasing football boots, never fall for marketing ploys. Opt to make intelligent decisions. 

If you truly want laceless boots, go for it. Buy a pair and see if it works for you. If you end up not feeling it, you’re pretty lucky as laced boots are always around and they are, in truth, the ultimate choice, when it comes to football boots. 

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