The Ultimate Boot Tier Guide: Expensive Football Boots and Cheap Football Boots Explained

The Ultimate Boot Tier Guide: Expensive Football Boots and Cheap Football Boots Explained

Do you know your way around expensive elite models and budget takedown versions of football boots?  Be in the know and learn the differences between different football boot tiers.

Choosing the best football boots for you can seem complicated as there are tons of models and brands to choose from. Will a Mercurial model work for you? A Predator? Or something totally different from the two? It’s very fun to choose but it can be truly overwhelming. Do you even know what you like?

To give more value to your money, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to help you determine which football boots best suit you. We’d give you tips on how to hack numbering systems, changing materials, and different boot tiers. After reading this, you’d be able to easily differentiate an expensive football boot from its takedown version.

The Reason Behind Expensive Football Boots

Elite models of football boots are so expensive because it features the best materials and the latest in technology. Buying a pair creates quite a dent in your wallet because its built has all the latest innovations matched with materials of the highest quality. These football boots are the ones that players at competitive level wear. 

Despite their advanced engineering, elite football boots may not be the best for you. Always remember that using an expensive boot will not automatically give you the best performance. It’s not in the boots, my friend. Ultimately, it is still with the player.

Takedown Football Boots

Takedown Football Boots are the cheap version of elite models of football boots. They are offered by all brands in the understanding of the general truth that there are different kinds of players on different levels. Most players simply want football boots that are comfortable to wear and play in. Expensive football boots is not a pre-requisite to enjoying the game and performing well.

All brands have takedown versions of their most popular models. It can get confusing as all simply look the same. Why then would you spend hundreds of dollars for a pair when you can get one for only under $30? Well, they are not the same at all.

Elite versions, the ones used by professionals, were made with the latest available technology with only the best materials. As the price of each version gets lower, the materials used for the models change as well as the application of the latest technology and innovation. The takedown versions may look the same but the materials used in constructing it already differ.

The Main Differences Between Cheap and Expensive Football Boots

There are primarily three differences between expensive and cheap football boots: structure, technology, and material. You don’t need to spend an extra hundred dollars for the elite version if you’re not after next-level football boots with the best technology, structure, and material. These three will not in any way or form make you a better player.

However, there is no denying the fact that expensive versions were designed to enhance a player’s performance. They feel cosier, lighter, and can be extra sensitive in feeling the football. For every lowered version of an elite model, less and less technology and innovation will be integrated and applied. The same goes for the material. 

The Football Boot Tiers of adidas, Nike, and Puma

adidas, Nike, and Puma use different means to differentiate each football boots tier. You need not be overwhelmed as we got it all covered. 

In differentiating tiers, adidas use numbers. In adidas, the lower the number, the more elite the version is. Case in point, adidas X 19.1 is more elite than the 19.4 version. Of course, adidas X 19+ is the ultimate elite version. 

Nike is pretty tricky as they used to name their takedown versions differently. But now, they simply use four categories: Elite, Pro, Academy, and Club. Elite is of the highest tier while Club is the lowest takedown version. Nike uses numbers too but it’s to signify generations (newness) and not tiers. A Tiempo 8 will cost you more than a Tiempo 7 would because it is a newer version.

Puma is similar to adidas. They also use numbers to delineate tiers. The lesser the number, the more elite a Puma football boots model is. However, they also use numbers to signify generations. The case of Future and Puma ONE can be confusing because, in the case of Puma Future 4.1, it is actually the new version of Future 19.1. It’s best to refer to Puma’s boot guide when it comes to the two models.

Which Football Boot Tier is Perfect For You?

Your choice of football boot will ultimately depend on your personality, the level you play at, and your budget.

If you’re a professional or semi-professional player, it’s advised that you opt for the elite football boots as they have performance-enhancing features.

If you’re a casual player, you need not spend extra dollars. It’s better for you to opt for middle tiers as they pretty much give you the same performance-enhancing features for a significantly lesser price.

Football Boot Tier

If you’re buying for a teenager or a kid, it’s best to buy the takedown budget options because they are still growing and you will need to buy new ones sooner than you think. However, if you have the budget to buy elite football boots for your kids, you are very free to do so. 

To Sum It Up

As mentioned earlier, just always remember that expensive football boots won’t automatically give a player a better performance. It’s best to not splurge and choose wisely given that there are takedown versions that pretty much deliver the same needs for a significantly lesser price. Be wise in all our choices and always remember that though football boots play a big role in one’s game performance, all ultimately depends on a player’s skills, talent, passion, and stamina. 

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