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PUMAXBALR Future 4.1 Review

The Basics

Name: PUMAXBALR Future 4.1

Release Date: October 21, 2019

Facts and stats

The PUMA X BALR Future 4.1 is a special collaboration between footwear giant PUMA and Dutch’s top lifestyle brand BALR. Both brands combined their style, mostly retaining BALR’s iconic aesthetic, to create the perfect football boot that reflects lifestyle, culture and football that both brands reflect on. 

The first pair of this limited edition boot was first seen on October 19 during the game of FC Barcelona vs. Eibar. It was worn by French footballer Antoine Griezmann, who celebrated the debut of his new pair by scoring a goal during the game. 

Fresh out of the box

The boot looks like other FUTURE 4.1 boots from PUMA, but it does reflect the style BALR is known for. It comes in PUMA’s signature black and white combo, with a chrome soleplate to accentuate its features. It even has a special BALR lacing and the catchphrase “Life of a BALR” printed on its heel. 

The important stuff

Touch – 10/10

If you will be using these boots to dribble and pass the ball around, the boots are going to adapt well with your technique thanks to the redesigned 3D Havoc Frames that molds the ball perfectly with the upper body of the boots. The boots also have a touch zone on its toebox and sides to add more touch to the ball. 

Control 10/10

The 3D Havoc Frames will also give players complete control on how the ball acts as they consider their next move without going out of balance. The frames also guarantee that the players won’t get hurt as they dribble and deliver the right amount of power each time. 

Passing 10/10

Like other Future 4.1 from PUMA, the PUMA X BALR Future 4.1 comes with a special touch zone on its sides and toe box to help players pass the ball perfectly to their teammate. The frames also protect the toes of its players once they deliver enough power to the ball. 

Shooting 10/10

The touch zone and the Havoc Frames in these boots guarantees that players can strike the ball with enough force without affecting its speed and agility. Players will also be able to strike without moving from their position thanks to the outsole and soleplate these boots have, which can grip the ground in any condition without problems. 

Fit – 9/10

When it comes to the fit of these boots, it will definitely work for any type of feet. It is designed with FUTURE 4.1’s evoKNIT PRO upper frames and the unique NETFIT system that provides users the assurance the shoes will not move about as you move around the field at any speed. 

The knitted sock design also ensures that it will fit snugly around the player’s ankles, and players can even lace it the way they want with the branded BALR laces included with the boots. This ensures that players with wide or narrow fit will enjoy using these boots during gameplay. 

Soleplate – 9/10 

The chrome soleplates add to the style of the entire shoe and delivers control to its users. The soleplate has bladed and conical studs that allow the boot to grip on any weather conditions without affecting your movement. PUMA also added its RAPIDAGILITY outsole feature to enable users to dash with these boots without worrying for traction. It is also made from Ultra-lightweight TPU, which is very durable. 

It is important to remember that the chrome coating is only temporary and will wear off during gameplay. But, the performance of the boots will stay the same. 

Value for money – 10/10

Considering all the features that it boasts, it is a perfect football boots for strikers, wing-backs, midfielders who want shoes that will give them the performance they need in any weather condition. It is also the right boots to buy for players who want precision and speed during gameplay. 

Rugby players also recommend these boots for its performance and traction. 

The Educators Opinion

If you are looking for a stylish yet powerful football boot, you can’t go wrong with this pair from PUMA and BALR. Like other FUTURE 4.1 boots from PUMA, these boots take into consideration everything a player needs in the field: speed, agility, movement and power. It is also the perfect collectors item if you are a fan of FC Barcelona, PUMA and BALR or just want a pair of football shoes that reflects everything football is known for with a touch of style. 

Retail Details

Price: £220

Ground Type: Perfect for Firm Ground. If used in artificial ground surfaces, it may cancel the warranty. 

Designed for: Traction, Speed, and Performance

Available: At select PUMA outlets worldwide, PUMA.com and official stockists of PUMA. 

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