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Puma King Platinum Review 2020

Puma’s Legendary Puma King is roaring to modern times with its new design and the help of Neymar.

Football brands often have a tricky time when dealing with heritage models. It took quite a while for adidas to level-up its Copa Mundial into its modern version now. For the longest time, it felt so out of place and old. It’s the same thing with Nike when it dealt with Tiempo. Tiempo was brought back as Tiempo Legend way back in 2004 only to be reimagined and made affordable years after and released as Nike Premier. 

Now, here comes Puma King.  It has undergone a redesign with varying degrees of success. Case in point, Puma King Finale that had Thierry Henry as an endorser was quite a massive hit if be compared to Puma King SL. Now, another redesign and modernization are introduced with Puma King Platinum. Puma is truly determined to bring the model to the modern era. Complete with a knit, a lightweight outsole, and a one-piece upper, Puma King packs quite a punch.

A modern Puma King

To be honest, Puma King Platinum can actually be deemed as Puma One 5.1’s simpler version. Both are lightweight (a US 9 only weighing 205g) and comes with modern studs. 

However, King Platinum sports an upper made of full kangaroo leather. It also has no collar. But redesigned to be a modern boot, it now comes with a knit tongue and a one-piece upper.

It is a full leather boot with a thin upper with a forefoot that has a small piece of foam. To deal with overstretching, Puma opted to add an extra layer of leather to reinforce the instep. The upper is pretty basic in the best way possible.

When it comes to fitting, it’s best to go for a pair half a size smaller. Its thin leather will work best if you will break into it as it will give you the best fit ever. There is absolutely no stitching in Puma King Platinum so it will tend to overstretch. It also barely has structure so it’s best to go half a size down to anticipate future overstretching.

However, if you have a wide foot, you should opt for your true size.

A perfect leather boot for dribbling

Despite the lack of structure, Puma King Platinum feels pretty snug and robustly structured when worn.  It takes quite a while for the upper to soften. But it sure feels glorious once they do because Puma King Platinum will mould to your fit. It can definitely deliver a stellar one-to-one fit. What’s really surprising is how thin the upper feels on the feet when no natural padding is present. Typical leather boots have a naturally padded feel.

Puma King Platinum can really hug your foot tightly. So much so that it feels like a second skin. The incorporation of a knit tongue is truly impressive. It can lock your foot securely without it feeling suffocated or too tight. 

Such a design makes Puma King Platinum perfect for dribbling because you truly feel the ball. And as all things do, such a perk has its pros and cons. One con being, that it can sting. The thick knit tongue and the laces helped in easing some of the impacts but it sure feels like Puma King Platinum is more of a thin lightweight speed boot than a heritage leather boot. Because it has a thin foam cage, you don’t get as much padding and protection that traditional leather boots have.

However, it is quite a star when it comes to dribbling. Because it has a truly snug fit, you can easily do sharp turns and quick cuts. The boot is so responsive. With a thin upper, you would feel every single touch on the ball.

Same outsole quality

Puma King Platinum does not have traditional conical studs. Instead, it sports a Rapidsprint outsole. Such outsole can be found in all Puma One silo. It sports a modern version of the traditional conical stud. It comes with bladed studs for better traction.

It’s listed as FG/AG based on its durability. However, it doesn’t stick on artificial grass that much. Stud pressure can also be felt by players with sensitive feet. The soleplate does its job all in all but no game-changing factors were introduced.

Puma King Platinum

A (Puma) King figuring his place in time 

Puma King Platinum is a tricky model. Given that Puma already has a leather model, it’s hard to pinpoint where Puma King Platinum belongs. It does not have enough leather so it can’t be considered a traditional leather boot, but it’s not lightweight enough to be considered a speed boot.

And as Puma introduces new models, Puma King Platinum is set to be confusing all the more. News of Puma releasing a leather Ultra has been floating around. If be true, imagine how trickier it would be for Puma King Platinum to know its place. So much work has gone into redesigning and modernizing the model but Puma’s confusing marketing does not seem to want to work for this traditional line.

It’s pretty frustrating because Puma actually already has the best modern-day Puma King in Puma One J1 HG that has generous upper leather, a mesh tongue, and familiar padding. It even comes with an HG variant that features design mechanisms that prevent overstretching.

Puma needs to do something with how they market Puma King. Until then, it will remain to be out of place in today’s market. Which is pretty sad given that is a truly good model that has so much to offer. 

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