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Puma EvoSPEED Fresh Review

The Basics

Brand: PUMA

Name: Puma EvoSPEED Fresh

Release Date: March 17, 2016

Facts and stats

The Puma EvoSPEED Fresh is a football boot designed for players who play in warmer conditions and keep their foot in top condition. To keep up with the concept that it is for warmer conditions, PUMA ensured that these boots are available the Atomic Blue/Yellow and White colorway to make it stand out even in rainy conditions. 

Fresh out of the box

When you sneak a peek inside the box, you will see a pastel/neon colored boot that adds to its “Fresh” label. It is very light thanks to the breathable material used to keep players’ feet cool in warm temperatures. It also looks like other EvoSPEED models that are slightly flexible if you try to bend it slightly. There are also metal parts in the boots that add to its sole’s durability, alongside its plastic moulds. 

The important stuff

Touch – 8/10

Players may have some problems with these boots when it comes to how well they can touch the ball. The narrow body and lace style makes the boots very narrow, disabling players from having a good feel of the ball as they plan their next move. 

Control – 8/10

The body of the boots also disables perfect control on how well the ball responds to movement. But, since it is a part of the EvoSPEED variants, it does offer players a chance to be creative on how they can use the boot’s sole to work with the ball. 

Passing – 8/10

Passing wise, the EvoSPEED Fresh is similar to other EvoSPEED variants which allows players to respond quickly in any gameplay they are in. The boots are lightweight and its heel counter ensures it can catch the ball when passed from behind the player. 

Shooting – 8/10

When it comes to shooting, the EvoSPEED Fresh will be a good football boot to use. It has a special Speedtrack system that allows players to adjust their foot to deliver a good shot without causing the player’s feet to sprain itself in the process. Players will also have better traction as they aim for the goal with these boots since they have injected metal and plastic studs. There is also a SupportMesh inside the boots to keep the midfoot stable during gameplay. 

Fit 6/10

When it comes to its fit, it may not be ideal for those with wide feet as the Fresh has a thin body. As a result, it is great for those with narrow feet and require little flexibility when in the game. The reason for the narrow feature of these boots is the lace style used for the body. 

However, the brand has definitely made sure that these boots will work well in any temperatures because of its breathable material that will keep the player’s foot cool. The material also ensures that it will keep the foot dry even in wet playing conditions. Since the foot is dry and cool, players will be able to play for longer as compared to other players. 

Soleplate 8/10

Since it is a variant of Puma’s EvoSPEED models, it uses the same soleplate design it features which is flexible and can bend slightly if needed. The studs are made from both metal and plastic studs with four metal ones placed on the front of the boots while the rear has both metal and plastic. This guarantees that the boots come with a stable grip even if the ground becomes wet or boggy. 

Value for money – 7/10

While it is a new offering from Puma, it is not fully a new release since it is only a variant of its EvoSPEED model. The model is already great even without the breathable material it uses and EvoSPEEDs are known to be flexible football boots for well-rounded players. But, if you are looking for an affordable football boot that has great temperature control, this may be the one for you. 

The Educators Opinion

If you regularly play during hot climates, these football boots will not disappoint. The construction of the shoe guarantees that players will stay comfortable the longer they play and not have to worry about slowing down. The color scheme will also add a little pop to each game you use these boots on. 

Unfortunately, you will need to be careful in picking the right environment to use these boots because there are instances where pitches can get too hot that the boots’ materials won’t be able to disperse heat easily. Puma also did not add other features to the boots to add to its temperature control body.

Retail Details

Price: £120

Ground Type: Perfect for Firm Ground. If used in artificial ground surfaces, it may cancel the warranty

Designed for: Speed

Available: PUMA.com, PUMA outlets worldwide and official stockists of PUMA

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