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Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Review

When the Nike Tiempo Legend 8 was released, we, along with many football boots enthusiasts, were quite shocked by the way it looked as it relinquished some of the characteristics of the previous Nike Tiempo Legend 7. 

Most people were shocked by Nike’s slightly failed attempt with the Tiempo Legend 7 at creating a modern pure leather football boot with an elegant flair coupled with performance. Nike went the opposite way with the Nike Tiempo Legend 8, avoiding the true leather style – instead, going with a pure leather skin on the outside and all-synthetic on the inside.

Its new style and Nike’s decision to go away from some of the mainstay characteristics of previous Nike Tiempo Legend shoes make it worthy of the “Legend” name.

First impression

Nike markets the Tiempo Legend 8 as a true leather football boot, but they can’t make it farther away from being leather even if they tried because this shoe is synthetic and knit underneath with the skin the only thing leather about it.

While it went the opposite way from the Nike Tiempo Legend 7 in terms of concept and design, Nike still designed it with an all-new Flyknit Fit Tunnel based on the previous generation’s Flyknit tongue. 

When looking at the Nike Tiempo Legend 8 for the first time, the first thing that amazed us was how elegant the elaborate diamond pattern looks on the shoe, especially when you think about how Nike was able to do this with such quality and thin leather skin.

We can say that it’s not true leather boots, but Nike did exceptionally well in making sure that the little leather it had looked stunning.

Exceptional fit with a custom-made feel

When we first tested this shoe, we loved how the new tongue design feels like custom-made for us because of the excellent fit, and it stays that way even if you get into action and start moving around with the shoe. 

Furthermore, unlike other shoe tongues that only take care of the top of the foot, this shoe also works great in keeping the sides of your feet tight in place. However, this isn’t all thanks to the new tongue, as the Nike Tiempo Legend 8 also has Nike’s classic Quadfit mesh that allows the boots to fit all feet shapes while still being able to prevent overstretching that can quickly ruin the outside leather skin.

If you get one, and if it feels too tight for you, it’s all down to warming up to the shoe and breaking it in, as we found out. After all, it has a Flyknit Fit Tunnel, and you need to give it some more foot feedback as you use it so it can adjust its shape to fit you better.

Other than having a good fit out of the box, the Nike Tiempo Legend 8 also does a good job of keeping your foot locked in even when you move, and it also allows your toes a little breathing space for a little movement when you need it.

A look beneath the sole

Away from the boots’ fit, feel, and looks, let’s go underneath all that and see the Nike Tiempo Legend 8’s sole. Under this shoe’s leather and its synthetic top is the Tiempo’s Hyperstability soleplate that’s also present in the previous generation Tiempo.

Its soles are a good mix of chevron, conical, and bladed studs that give the perfect balance between speed & aggressive maneuvers and player control and comfort.

Also, the soles had a great feeling during games, as it gives great feedback with every move and change in the surface of the football field; may it be made from real or artificial grass, but we can say that it works far better on AG.

However, it’s not all fun and great performance because, after some long periods in the field, you do feel some pressure and soreness as the effects of prolonged use. While it isn’t that bad, it can still bother you and slightly spoil the game.

The Tiempo has some game

You’re going to have a delightful day once you take the Nike Tiempo Legend 8 out in action for friendly and competitive games.

During the early minutes of the game where everyone is just warming up, these boots felt very good, safe, and secure and you won’t have your feet slipping all over.

Furthermore, when the ball finally gets to you, the Nike Tiempo Legend 8 feels comfortable and premium, and it gives you easy control over the ball. However, some people may not like its feel with the ball that much, as the boots’ padding can feel a bit too thick at times.

Overall, the Nike Tiempo Legend 8 is a very good pair of football boots that can’t only turn heads with its aesthetics but also because it can make you perform better on the field. It might have some issues, but these are mostly down to preference and not that much of a problem.

A step in the right direction for Nike

After the Tiempo Legend 7 didn’t have good reception from football boots enthusiasts, Nike seems to have found their way back on track with the Nike Tiempo Legend 8.

It’s a very impressive football boot that feels and looks very good, and it has the performance to back it up.

So, if you’re looking to cop a pair of the Nike Tiempo Legend 8, then you’re making a good choice for your next cleats.

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