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Nike Phantom GT Review

Before the Nike Phantom GT came out on the market, the last Nike Phantom football boots had two variants, one being the VSN and the other VNM, and each of these variants had different key features both in looks and in performance.

With the previous generation, the Phantom VSN has a focus on offering a simple and neat design, especially with the lace cover. The Phantom VNM’s main selling point, on the other hand, is improved performance with shot enhancement technology.

With the new Phantom GT, it has replaced both the VSN and VNM with just one shoe, and the question is, can it offer what the previous two can?

First impressions

While the Nike Phantom GT is the successor of the Phantom VSN and Phantom VNM, it went away from its predecessor in terms of concept and design. 

Out of the box, the first thing you’ll notice about the Phantom GT is the disappearance of the lace cover found in the VSN, and it’s better of this way as the lace cover really doesn’t work well with the eyes. Also, it doesn’t have the VNM’s shot shield technology.

Next, it has a Flyknit upper material that’s designed for better performance, especially with ball control. In terms of looks, the upper material won’t strike you so much. 

In terms of the soleplate, Nike decided to go for a semi-split soleplate for the Phantom GT, and it’s a bit weird that Nike went with this design as it’s slightly simple-looking compared to the aggressive and exciting designs in previous generation Nike football boots.

The texture is… boring

If you’re wondering what the GT is in the Nike Phantom GT name, it stands for Generative Texture technology. While it doesn’t look bad, it’s not a head-turner. 

The Nike Phantom GT’s texture is a bit boring, but it does offer good performance gains. With its texture, the Phantom GT allows players to have better touch and control to perform sharp dribbling moves.

Its texture looks fine, but it’s not something to be impressed by. However, it does offer performance, making the Nike Phantom GT a mixed bag in terms of texture.

Fits well with wide feet

If you’re someone with wide feet, you’re going to have a blast with the Nike Phantom GT. It’s probably one of the widest football boots out there, thanks to the semi-split soleplate design. So, you won’t have problems wearing these boots with wide feet.

However, while it does feel well in action, it can also have a bad response, and you can feel your feet slightly sliding inside the boots when making fast, aggressive plays. It’s not that bad, but it can still be a turn-off for most people. 

Also, while the Nike Phantom GT is all the same in all color variants, we observed, as well as other reviewers, that the white colorway has an even wider fit than the black ones. That’s not a good thing, and we don’t know why this is the case, but it can cause fit problems for people who are unaware of this.

The perfect balance between FG and AG play

In terms of games played on firm ground or artificial grass, most football boots are a bit of duality. You will either get one that’s very good on FG but sucks with no grip and comfort on AG. 

With the Nike Phantom GT, though, we think Nike found a balance in making a football boot that works just as well on AG as it does on FG.

Furthermore, its semi-split soleplate design offers great traction on different surfaces and with different maneuvers. It’s like meeting someone who really fits well with you, and you both hit it off. You’ll be comfortable with it on the field as you have a shoe that’s stable underneath, allowing you to play your best without compromising to get a grip on your new boots.


The Nike Phantom GT offers improved comfort, control, and performance for its users, but it can also vary by play style. If you’re a striker or you have a relatively aggressive playstyle, the Nike Phantom GT will still suit you fine, but it’s not designed for aggressive play.

Furthermore, these boots are equipped with non-aggressive conical and bladed studs, the result? A very gentle and comfortable boot that can give you an improved ability to handle the ball, offering great touch and feel.

This is the reason we say that it’s not well-suited for an aggressive playstyle, as its design and concept is better for the types of players who like crafty dribbling and distribute the ball rather than those who go all-in on aggressive scoring moves.


In terms of looks, the Nike Phantom GT is not a football boot that will blow you away. It just doesn’t have that aggressive and edgy design of other boots. Instead, it offers a simple and sleek design that still holds appeal.

That’s not a bad thing, especially when you consider that the Nike Phantom GT’s main selling point is performance. Nike did a lot of research to come up with the concept for the Generative Texture technology and semi-split soleplate to provide a shoe that lets you create so much with the ball, and they did well.

It’s not the best-looking football boots out there, but it’s up in the hierarchy in terms of performance; that’s what matters.

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