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Adidas X 19+ Review

The basics:

Brand: Adidas

Name: X 19+

Release Date: June 2019

Facts and stats

Adidas’ X line of football boots are the brand’s main offering for those looking for a lightweight, high-performing speed boot. For wingers, agility is the name of the game and they want a football boot that has allows them to dart right through opposing defenses. Pros like Jamie Vardy, Gabriel Jesus, and Son Heung-min wear Adidas X boots to compliment their fast, aggressive playing styles and the X 19+ looks to build on its success as a top-notch speed boot.

Released in June 2019, the Adidas X 19+ is engineered to match the lightning-fast pace of wingers on the pitch. While these football boots are only a slight update to the previous X 18+, the upper is now thinner and less bulkier to help improve ball control.

Fresh out of the box

At first glance, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the X 19+ and its predecessor in terms of aesthetics. You get the same claw-cut collar that locks down your foot when making directional cuts and the laceless construction that clamps your midfoot for greater stability. It’s a striking look compared to other speed boots on the market and the X 19+ easily distinguishes itself from the rest of the competition.

The heel is 3D-moulded for a secure fit and the upper is made of X-layskin which is a super lightweight material for that smooth touch on the ball. We really liked the colourways Adidas has released for the X 19+, especially the light blue one that gives the boot a refreshing vibe.

The important stuff

As one of the top speed boots available on the market, many are eager to find out how these football boots perform out on the field. We took them for a spin and here’s how we feel about it.

Touch – 9/10

The design of the Adidas X 19+ is geared towards being lightweight, which explains why it provides a smooth touch to the ball. This is mainly due to the boot’s warp knit upper that’s both thin and rigid. The ball feels very close to the foot which helps greatly when making precise passes and strikes.

Control – 9/10

Thanks to the laceless construction of the X 19+, you get superior lockdown and midfoot stability. This helps with better ball control whether you’re doing explosive sprints or sudden directional changes. The absence of shoelaces promotes pure contact which aids wingers with dribbling the ball under high speeds.

Passing – 8/10

Passing is another strong suit of the Adidas X 19+. Heel passes, side foot passes, and piercing passes all feel natural with these football boots. Since there’s no tongue to interfere with ball contact, you can predict where the ball will go.

Shooting – 7/10

The Adidas X 19+ is built for efficient and skillful shooting rather than all-out power strikes. It does have that shooter’s touch that wingers are looking for in a football boot to land clean shots down the field due to its ridged strike zone. The X-layskin upper does provide a bit of stability to the football boot to help with power transfer when attacking opposing defenses.

Fit – 7/10

In terms of fit, the Adidas X 19+ features a sharp, claw-cut collar to improve ankle lockdown. While the laceless system does look aesthetically pleasing, you need to nail down the exact size for your feet. It doesn’t provide a super snug fit compared to laced football boots which wraps the upper around your midfoot as you tighten it. But when you wear the right size, the lockdown feels snug enough and is comfortable to wear.

Soleplate – 8/10

In order to maintain its featherweight characteristics, Adidas used their ultra-lightweight Speedframe outsole that’s perforated with mixed stud patterns for improved ground traction. Pair that with a reinforced heel and you get a football boot that’s made for hard breaks and fast-paced acceleration.

Value for money – 7/10

The Adidas X 19+ is a solid speed boot that delivers good performance for its price. But, we would be lying if we said these boots are a bang-for-the-buck purchase. It’s on the higher end of the speed boot spectrum and you can definitely find other options on the market that offer near-similar features at a slightly lower cost.

The Educator’s Opinion

At the end of the day, the Adidas X 19+ is tailor-made for the aggressive winger that plays with speed and control. Speed-oriented attackers and fullbacks will also benefit from these football boots. It’s slick, it’s light, and zippy enough to warrant a consideration for buyers who want a high-performing speed boot from Adidas.


The Adidas X 19+ retails for around $245 and is available in sizes 6-13. These football boots also come in a variety of ground types like  Soft Ground (SG), Firm Ground (FG) or Artificial Ground (AG), Turf (TF), and Indoor (IN) versions.

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