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The Football Boots Educator is a website solely designed to educator its readers on all things football boots. Don’t worry, our education does not stop there! You may even find us discussing other areas from the world of football from time to time.

The Football Boots Educator is a site filled with 100% unbiased opinions with no ties to any in particular brand, which allows the educator to be the number one location online for you to make the best-informed decision. 

The educator’s goal is to put into practice the years of knowledge and experience he has soaked up worldwide and funnel such knowledge into one platform that can educate the younger generation in all things football boots. The educator will steer you in the right direction with regards to the best choice for you and your feet. It is then up to you to take this information and run with it!

The Football Boots Educator keeps things honest at all times and if there is a new boot that is getting hyped up online, the educator will strive to provide a truthful and honest opinion on the boot. Nearly every sporting brand is now producing their own line of football boots and that is why it is more important than ever to do the necessary research before making a decision.

Let the football boot educator guide you….

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New Balance
Under Armour

I simply couldn’t choose between a pair of Nike and Adidas boots and it was only after reading reviews of both from the educator that I was able to make the best-informed decision. They were right about all aspects of the boot!

Jack Rodgers

It is imperative that before making any decision on which boots I should buy my child that I read some of the most trustworthy online reviews. That is how I found The Football Boots Educator and I have been basing my decisions on their reviews for quite some time!

Tricia Simpson

I put my trust in the Educator and I was not disappointed. After reading a review of an Adidas Predator, I went straight to the shop to buy them! I have been wearing them ever since! Could not recommend highly enough.

Henry Jacobs